The AGROBUD Józef Grzyb company was founded in 1990. Tobacco traditions in our region date back to the 1950s. Perfect conditions for growing tobacco, continuous improvement and many years of practice allow us to offer the highest quality products and services. We offer very attractive contracting conditions for tobacco, high-quality tobacco and a wide selection of seeds of varieties with high yield, resistance to diseases, pests and molds. Our specialty is the production of Virginia tobacco, which is of the highest world standards. We introduce innovations and new technological solutions. We work with suppliers, i.e. production groups in which the Łukowski Association of Tobacco Growers has the largest share.
The tobacco is mainly delivered to the shisha. In addition, we offer the following products: leaves, leaves, loose leaves and whole leaves. The products are packed in C-49 boxes. 100% of our production is exported. We have a fleet of 12 heavy duty trucks that we use to provide transportation services around the world.

The basic scope of our services includes:




We work with individual growers and producer groups, we provide professional advice and professional order fulfillment. We guarantee competitive prices and timely fulfillment of obligations.

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